The Barefoot Sensei

noggBLOG permalink Deep in the Hoh Rain Forest of western Washington is a tree stump, and inside that stump lives a man named Mick Dodge. He is the stuff of rumors. A real, living wood ape, a whisper from the lips of dubious townspeople, an earthling of the very definition. He is also, surprisingly enough, a cookie snob.

Social Media Etiquette: The Gospel According to nogginwerks

noggBLOG permalink There are plenty of resources on and off the web that promise to help improve your social media presence. They promise to make it more impactful, or more interesting, more engaging, more “on-brand.” Follow their formula and they’ll have you slicing and dicing with almost no effort, braising that pesky roast in half the time, and if you call now, they’ll include a brand new carrot ionizer free of charge. But many of theses magic bullet-peddling Popeils fail to mention something drives us absolutely bonkers—the importance of etiquette... Read The Rest →

Placemaking Made Easy

noggBLOG permalink In our last piece on placemaking, we discussed what placemaking is, why it’s important to communities, and why it’s such a difficult and cost-prohibitive concept to apply effectively. To put it simply, communities need placemaking, and placemakers, to initiate improvements to public spaces that benefit the public, not corporate or professional interest, but tangible, lasting improvements are expensive and seldom is there the money for it. Although, a lot of money is not all that necessary, at least in the short run.

Hess’ Triangle

noggBLOG permalink New York City is a mosaic of weird little nuggets hidden in plain sight. Billions of tiles, each representing a small piece of history at once both public and private (the rub of New York City life), are mortared together with the sweat and struggle of over 1.5 million people begrudgingly smooshed into less than 34 square miles of real estate. Each tile is sacred. Each tile is coveted and protected. Each tile is a war, and no New Yorker knew that better than David Hess.

The Not-So-Simple Art of Placemaking

noggblog permalink It’s a familiar word, but there’s a good chance you’ve never heard it. It’s not a complicated word, but there’s a better chance you can’t define it. It’s a term. It’s a concept. It’s a “process and a philosophy.” It’s being taught in schools. It’s reshaping our communities, our place in them, our sense of space, and our identity. It’s helping the new world to become just a little bit more like the old, channeling primal notions into modern ideas. It’s placemaking, and it’s making a place for... Read The Rest →

Think Locally, Act Globally: The Future of Augmented Reality in Advertising

Local. It’s perhaps the hottest word in advertising. How many times have you heard the word in ads today alone? Locally sourced. Local retailer. Shop local. It’s synonymous with good, with ethical consumerism, with green living and a socially conscious, eco-centric responsibility. And, as an approach, it works. Arguably, it’s far more valuable dollar by dollar to spend less and engage locally than overspend on national advertising. And why? Because, these days, local is global.

Dual Realities: Pokémon Go and the Physical World

noggBLOG permalink A virtual reality adaptation of a children’s card game from the ‘90s has captivated the entire developed world, but what does that say about how that world has developed, and where will we go from here?

The Hyperreality of Hogeweyk

noggBLOG permalink Tucked away in the small Dutch town of Weesp is Hogeweyk, a village of 152 residents. It is a village much like any other. There are 23 houses, several promenades, squares, parks and supermarkets, all the simple hallmarks of a quaint country town. A postman delivers the mail, the gardener cuts the grasses, neighbors smile to each other, and the sun casts its shadow as it rises and falls just as it does everywhere else in the world. What sets Hogeweyk apart is incredibly difficult to see, but only... Read The Rest →

The Bizarre World of the Codex Seraphinianus

noggBLOG permalink  Many an ancient tome resides buried somewhere deep in a catacomb in Italy. Remnants of empires, scholars, ages of knowledge, discovery and wisdom, these fragments of humanity and higher learning dot Italy like stars, creating a constellational map of enlightenment and evolution. The Codex Seraphinianus is not one such tome.

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