NoggBLOG DeFogged

We believe in the power of creative thinking. It’s kind of our thing. We like to use our brains. We like to see how other people are using their brains. We like to discover new things, new ways of thinking, looking, sounding, smelling. Smelling? Yes- well, maybe. Whatever, you get the picture. We are inspired by creativity in all forms. Whether it’s music, art, fashion, tech toys, advertising–in fact, that’s what we do–we soak it up, swirl it around and make it something new. We are Nogginwerks and we have ideas. Ideas for business.

Nogginwerks: Ideas For Business

Nogginwerks  is a strategic-marketing firm founded on the belief that solid marketing strategies do not necessarily need to be based on traditional mediums. We understand that it is not enough to simply produce “good ad campaigns.” Any ad agency can do that. We believe that an effective marketing strategy must be developed through the integration of new channels of communication to truly get inside the mind of today’s consumer.






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