New Year, New Noggin

This time around we’re really going to do it. Really. We’re going to do it. All the way ‘til that big ball drops again, we’re turning over a new leaf. Sticking with it. We’re going to take the bull by the horns and ride that sucker into a new day. A new us. We’ll make hay while the sun shines. Be thinner, better. Fitter, happier. Faster, stronger. We’re going to self-improve. That’s because it’s the New Year, baby, and we’re makin’ resolutions!

That’s right. Like a Phoenix from the ashes, our hope for a better tomorrow has returned, bursting forth from our mending wounds in a spurt of booze-fueled positivity. This is the year! Oh, yeah. We really mean it this time. Look out, world, here comes nogginwerks 2.0!

Resolution #1: Don’t feed the squirrels.

We’ve got fat squirrels. We’re talkin’ fat. Earl is their leader, we think, so if we’re going to slim down the brood, we’ve got to start with Earl. Less treats. Maybe a wheel. We’ve got to slim those squirrels down.

Resolution #2: Beer O’clock is a treat that will be enjoyed only after 4pm on Fridays.

This one might be self-explanatory, but we’ve gotten a little overzealous about our Beer O’clock. It’s temperance time. We’re going to save our delicious, frosty suds for Fridays, and wait ‘til after four to knock ‘em back. Until then, just coffee. And Mimosas. And maybe a Blood Mary. What is this, some kind of competition?

Resolution #3: Chill.

No more hot projects! We’ve got to cool things down. We’re not machines. We work hard, but enough’s enough. We’re going to take on good work with a comfortable turn-around. No more of this 23rd hour stuff. Well, unless we have a really good idea. Or a really good account. Or hear about a really good account that we could have. But no more hot projects. Can’t do it. Unless…ok, maybe one. Or two. But we’ve really got to cool things down, which brings us to…

Resolution #4: Unplug.

This year, we pledge to just unplug for maybe two, three, five hours a day. Go for a walk. Enjoy a good book. Feed the squirrels. Indulge in a silent moment. Pull the plug and experience the quiet. The serenity. Fresh morning dew. A bird’s call on the wind. The whisper of the wild. The hushed murmurs of our soul.

Resolution #5: Learn to clog.

We’ve always wanted to.

Yup, it’s shaping up to be a banner year. We’ve got our resolutions and they’re going to stick. It’s going to be great, we know it. And if it doesn’t pan out, we’ll just have a beer.

Happy 2018 from everyone at nogginwerks!

via Flickr

via Flickr

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