The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Sure, IKEA sells plenty of grommelnuugens and flarstones and all types of cruntlink, but did you know they also sell dreams? Literally. Well, not literally. Figuratively.Literally, they sell soft toys, but figuratively, they sell dreams. And did you know that 1 Euro of every dream sold goes directly to Save the Children and UNICEF as a part of their Soft Toys for Education program? Bet you didn’t.

Meet the IKEA dream team: soft toys designed for children by children.

For the third year in a row IKEA has invited children to design their annual Soft Toys for Education collection, selecting from a large field of open submissions from around the world just ten winning designs. Each is truly bizarre and wonderful in the way that only a children’s drawing can be.

We know that all you adults out there want them too, and that’s ok, because you’re a grown up and you can buy whatever you want with your money, and with prices ranging from 3.99-9.99 and the knowledge that your hard-earned scratch will help contribute to an annual fundraising tradition that has raised over 90 million Euros since 2003, it’s ok to be salivating over some goofy plush kids’ toys. Also, because it’s a good cause you can tell people you bought a toy and get reactions like, “Oh, wow, that’s so great!” instead of, “Who are you?” and “Get off my porch.” This year’s collection is scheduled for release in November (and just between us, it’s one of the best batches yet.)


2017 Soft Toys for Education winners, via IKEA

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