You Suck At Cooking

You know you do. Admit it. (Unless you don’t. In which case, come on, buddy.) You don’t need to be told that you suck, though. You just need a little help, but for good measure how about both?

You Suck At Cooking is a wonderfully sharp online cooking series that will both shame and inspire into cooking better food. Its mantra says it all: “No bullshit. Just cooking. (except for all of the bullshit).”

YSAC’s mysterious (and we think most likely Canadian) hands guide you through stupid-simple recipes for guacamole, open-faced breakfast sandwiches, and something called Gregg’s Bean Dip (courtesy of “the Greggulator,” and seriously, do not f*ck with his recipe or bad things will happen.). And while the food itself is delicious, the real attraction is the sharp wit and even sharper editing.

Onions explode into perfectly diced bits. Beans seemingly sprout legs and attempt to make a break for it. Eggs contemplate mistakes and some of life’s greatest questions.

And you learn how to make food. And get drunk. In the morning. And laugh a lot. It’s a pretty much a win-win.

At the time of writing, only one of these videos had more than a thousand views. Now fifteen of them have garnered over one million, so we tried really getting you in on the ground floor here but at least you can bandwagon now before it’s a household name, because this thing is going to be big. Or, uhhum, IS big. We’re talking production value, book deals (?), maybe even t-shirts. You’ll thank me later when you’re all like, “Oh, YSAC? Yeah, I’ve been dippin’ on that since jump street, man. I’m talkin’ day one. Pan-fried kale! What’s up, Greggulator!”

Ok, you may not say that, exactly. But you will have been there since the beginning(ish). In the long, long ago. That’s social dividends, man. And you will no longer suck at cooking, and that is definitely a win-win.

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