Put The Sizzl in Your Love Life

My bacon has a first name. It’s “O-S-C-A-R.” My bacon has a second name. It’s “P-L-E-A-S-E  S-E-N-D  N-U-D-E-S.”

Bacon lovers, rejoice! Yes, meat and novelty bus conglomerate Oscar Meyer has gotten into the hookup game, introducing a new, bacon-focused dating app: Sizzl.


via Oscar Meyer

Designed exclusively for the randy and bacon-eating, Sizzl is literally a hot strip-show (bacon strips, duh) that encourages users to create a personal profile, which it then matches to other profiles based on how “Sizzl-ing” they are. Those users are then invited to go out on a “bacon-wrapped date.”

No, I am not making this up.

via Oscar Meyer

via Oscar Meyer

The app is currently only available for iPhones and features a surprisingly in-depth questionnaire about your meat preferences, with questions like “If a friend tried to serve you bacon flavored with liquid sodium, you’d…” and “If you’re on a date and there’s one strip of bacon left, you….”

So if you know your bacon, and you know you’re lonely, then why not give Sizzl a shot? It’s the corporate-created, meat-themed, Wi-Fi-dependent, Smartphone dating app for you.

No meatballs allowed.

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