The Crayon Initiative: Coloring Outside the Lines

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid the best part about going out to eat was getting to rip open a fresh four pack of crayons and draw all over the table. Well, not the table, but you know what I mean. Every time, a fresh pack of wax. Every time, a fresh piece of paper over the tabletop: a blank canvas. So much potential! But what happens to all those crayons if you don’t take them home. Sad truth is nothing good.

That is until Brian Ware had an idea: The Crayon Initiative.

via The Crayon Initiative

via The Crayon Initiative

The Crayon Initiative collects all those (sometimes lightly) used crayons (but mostly abused stubs) and melts them down into new crayons with a chunkier shape, designed to be easier for small children and those with special needs. They are then delivered free of charge to children in the hospital, because if you’re a child in the hospital, you deserve some free crayons.

The program is currently limited to California, but Ware is slowly rolling out out-of-state delivery.

“Recycling unwanted crayons into unlimited possibilities,” reads The Crayon Initiative’s motto. To me, that’s certainly what crayons were. To Brian Ware and the recipients of the 2,000-plus boxes of crayons the Initiative has delivered to date, they are so much more.

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