Nerf Gets Real (Sort Of)

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Few toy companies evoke fond memories in kids and adults alike quite like Nerf, but not until recently has Nerf so unabashedly beckoned the big kids back from the precipice of adulthood. 

In February of last year, Nerf announced Rival Blasters—a line of guns that fire balls, not darts, and up to speeds of 70MPH. Geared to lure teens away from paintball and make it less embarrassing to stay in the foam-projectile market for a few more years, and to appeal to the more advanced and discerning foam projectile enthusiast (read: adult), Rival Blasters put the “bro” in Hasbro, boasting the kind of accuracy and walloping power that an arching dart just can’t deliver.

Oh yeah, and that ball? It’s made of foam and it’s dimpled and it’s about 1-inch thick, so forget about those wonky, bent darts. You can really put somebody’s eye out with these golf balls (okay, not out probably, but, you know, it’ll water a lot and get, like, really, really red.)

Most Rival models retail for between $25 and $50, respectively, and totally unnecessary facemasks are available for big babies at just $15, so a cool, crisp Franklin is all it takes to start a war.

Keep those balls in the air.

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