Make Christmas Right-Side Up Again

Eggnog. Twinkle lights. Fresh-baked cookies. Bad sweaters. Worse music. Relatives. Family disputes. Alcohol. Making up. Perhaps a carol then sleep, and all the while, standing nobly in the corner, is a coniferous, green, conical reminder that Christmas time is here. Happiness and cheer. So why are people hanging their goddamn Christmas trees upside-down instead of upright like normal people do? Share → Tweet

Beyond Burgers – A Showdown

Beyond Burgers. Beyond Burgers. Beyond Burgers. We’ve been hearing it everywhere, but what does this nonsense actually mean? Aside from the health and environmental concerns that go along with eating red meat in general, the burger is one of man’s greatest achievements. An impeccably adorned hunk of meat, dripping with grease and cheese and most likely some big, honkin’ strips of bacon (because duhhh). What could possibly go beyond that? Well, we decided to find out. It’s difficult to believe almost anything you read these days, and the rise of the Beyond Burger is no... Read The Rest →

The Barefoot Sensei

noggBLOG permalink Deep in the Hoh Rain Forest of western Washington is a tree stump, and inside that stump lives a man named Mick Dodge. He is the stuff of rumors. A real, living wood ape, a whisper from the lips of dubious townspeople, an earthling of the very definition. He is also, surprisingly enough, a cookie snob. Share → Tweet

Placemaking Made Easy

noggBLOG permalink In our last piece on placemaking, we discussed what placemaking is, why it’s important to communities, and why it’s such a difficult and cost-prohibitive concept to apply effectively. To put it simply, communities need placemaking, and placemakers, to initiate improvements to public spaces that benefit the public, not corporate or professional interest, but tangible, lasting improvements are expensive and seldom is there the money for it. Although, a lot of money is not all that necessary, at least in the short run. Share → Tweet

The Not-So-Simple Art of Placemaking

noggblog permalink It’s a familiar word, but there’s a good chance you’ve never heard it. It’s not a complicated word, but there’s a better chance you can’t define it. It’s a term. It’s a concept. It’s a “process and a philosophy.” It’s being taught in schools. It’s reshaping our communities, our place in them, our sense of space, and our identity. It’s helping the new world to become just a little bit more like the old, channeling primal notions into modern ideas. It’s placemaking, and it’s making a place for... Read The Rest →

Pre-Flight Entertainment

noggBLOG permalink There are few things worse than being stuck in an airplane on that terrible tarmac. The universal groan when the Captain announces that you’re being held, the restless legs, the inevitable temperature rise as body heat accumulates in that little tube and they can’t turn on the AC because you’re gasoline level has been pre-measured to the point of torturous efficiency, the hours that seems to tick by at their own luxurious pace, and the smells, oh God, the smells. Share → Tweet

Open Source Ecology

noggblog permalink Intended as a sort of “great equalizer,” Open Source Ecology (OSE) may have a vague and convoluted name but it’s purpose is simple: enable a world of “open, collaborative development” by providing open source blueprints for the essential machines of life, and the tools and machines that can make more. Share → Tweet

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