Put The Sizzl in Your Love Life

My bacon has a first name. It’s “O-S-C-A-R.” My bacon has a second name. It’s “P-L-E-A-S-E  S-E-N-D  N-U-D-E-S.” Bacon lovers, rejoice! Yes, meat and novelty bus conglomerate Oscar Meyer has gotten into the hookup game, introducing a new, bacon-focused dating app: Sizzl. Share → Tweet

Nerf Gets Real (Sort Of)

noggBLOG permalink Few toy companies evoke fond memories in kids and adults alike quite like Nerf, but not until recently has Nerf so unabashedly beckoned the big kids back from the precipice of adulthood.  Share → Tweet

Life in True Color

noggBLOG permalink Colorblindness affects approximately one in twelve men and one in two hundred women the world over. For the many without colorblindness, and those who haven’t known anyone with the disorder, it may be difficult to imagine what it might be like. Share → Tweet

When Rubber Meets the Sky

In 1940, Henry Ford said, “Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.” Fast-forward to 2017, and the proposed debut of AeroMobil. Share → Tweet

Uber-ly Inconsistent

noggBLOG permalink Ride sharing start-up Uber has been in the hot seat for some time. A string of controversies has pulled the media’s spyglass directly overhead the burgeoning, potentially-taxi-eclipsing company, and they’re feeling the heat. With everything from bogus fees, rate multipliers, un-vetted drivers, trying to sabotage rival Lyft, and numerous personal safety incidents (including, uhhh, rape), Uber’s doing everything they can to distract from their increasingly poor public standing. And what better way to do that than with kitties! Share → Tweet

Touch That Dial

noggblog permalink Generally, we try to keep our opinions to ourselves here at the noggBLOG. Aside from all the pith and sarcasm and irreverence and occasionally telling you exactly what to think without alternative because to think anything else would be absolutely stupid, we try to stay relatively neutral, and I, the author, in particular try to keep completely out it. But screw that, because I have something to tell you: it’s the best thing I’ve done in years. Share → Tweet

Scoot Smart

noggBLOG permalink What are you doing with that Vespa? You look so stupid! I bet that thing even uses, like, gas or something? Get smart. Scoot smart. Share → Tweet

The Verrado: A Trike for Grownups

noggBLOG permalink Those were the days, pedaling around the playground, skidding and sliding, just grinning from ear to ear, knowing that I’m 40 and I have so much money that I just don’t give a shit. Yes, such is the life for the modern tricyclists, the select set of success stories rich and. . . indiscriminating enough to own The Verrado. Designed for people who have so much money they never have to grow up, the Verrado trike is a motorized drift trike for adults. Share → Tweet

Jetpacks Is Yes!

noggBLOG permalink With self-driving cars slated to be commonplace by 2025 and a flying car on track for the retail market by 2017, the world is not so surprisingly abuzz with insane travel fantasies. Well, you can add one more thing to the list: your very own, and very real, $150,000 personal jetpack. Share → Tweet

Pool Party: Bragi Dash Earbuds

noggBLOG permalink The pool is a magical place. It’s one of the few places on earth where you can party and get some pretty nice alone time, all while standing in one place. Stay above the water and it’s surf city. Sink down and you can escape for as long as you can hold your breath. Or, if concrete blanket bingo isn’t really your thing, you can slap on that fit bit and get after it a little by swimming some laps, although I can tell you from experience that... Read The Rest →

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