The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Sure, IKEA sells plenty of grommelnuugens and flarstones and all types of cruntlink, but did you know they also sell dreams? Literally. Well, not literally. Figuratively. Share → Tweet

Ed Stilley, God and Guitars

Guitars are a thing of measurement and precision. Intonation, tone, expressiveness, color: the artisan strives to craft each instrument to have the best of these nebulous, yet integral qualities. Many luthiers (guitar builders) spend their entire lives learning centuries-old techniques in order to craft the perfect body, perfect neck, every detail of the perfect instrument. Ed Stilley is a luthier. But unlike most luthiers, Ed Stilley never learned the techniques that go into making a guitar. In fact, Ed Stilley doesn’t know the first thing about the tradition, but that doesn’t stop him. Share... Read The Rest →

The Crayon Initiative: Coloring Outside the Lines

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid the best part about going out to eat was getting to rip open a fresh four pack of crayons and draw all over the table. Well, not the table, but you know what I mean. Every time, a fresh pack of wax. Every time, a fresh piece of paper over the tabletop: a blank canvas. So much potential! But what happens to all those crayons if you don’t take them home. Sad truth is nothing good. That is until... Read The Rest →

When Rubber Meets the Sky

In 1940, Henry Ford said, “Mark my word: a combination airplane and motorcar is coming. You may smile, but it will come.” Fast-forward to 2017, and the proposed debut of AeroMobil. Share → Tweet

Placemaking Made Easy

noggBLOG permalink In our last piece on placemaking, we discussed what placemaking is, why it’s important to communities, and why it’s such a difficult and cost-prohibitive concept to apply effectively. To put it simply, communities need placemaking, and placemakers, to initiate improvements to public spaces that benefit the public, not corporate or professional interest, but tangible, lasting improvements are expensive and seldom is there the money for it. Although, a lot of money is not all that necessary, at least in the short run. Share → Tweet

The Bizarre World of the Codex Seraphinianus

noggBLOG permalink  Many an ancient tome resides buried somewhere deep in a catacomb in Italy. Remnants of empires, scholars, ages of knowledge, discovery and wisdom, these fragments of humanity and higher learning dot Italy like stars, creating a constellational map of enlightenment and evolution. The Codex Seraphinianus is not one such tome. Share → Tweet


noggBLOG permalink There’s nothing like breakfast in bed. Toast, juice, coffee, fresh fruit, muesli, lingonberry pancakes, aquavit, meatballs, fermented shark, red-colored candy fish, all for you to enjoy as you’re nestled cozily in the top of a tree, but you have to make it yourself because there’s no one for miles around, and did I mention you’re stuck in a tree? Ok, so there’s nothing like that breakfast in bed, unless you’re the privileged guest of Sweden’s amazing Treehotel. Share → Tweet

Scoot Smart

noggBLOG permalink What are you doing with that Vespa? You look so stupid! I bet that thing even uses, like, gas or something? Get smart. Scoot smart. Share → Tweet

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