You Suck At Cooking

You know you do. Admit it. (Unless you don’t. In which case, come on, buddy.) You don’t need to be told that you suck, though. You just need a little help, but for good measure how about both? You Suck At Cooking is a wonderfully sharp online cooking series that will both shame and inspire into cooking better food. Its mantra says it all: “No bullshit. Just cooking. (except for all of the bullshit).” Share → Tweet

Put The Sizzl in Your Love Life

My bacon has a first name. It’s “O-S-C-A-R.” My bacon has a second name. It’s “P-L-E-A-S-E  S-E-N-D  N-U-D-E-S.” Bacon lovers, rejoice! Yes, meat and novelty bus conglomerate Oscar Meyer has gotten into the hookup game, introducing a new, bacon-focused dating app: Sizzl. Share → Tweet

Social Media Etiquette: The Gospel According to nogginwerks

noggBLOG permalink There are plenty of resources on and off the web that promise to help improve your social media presence. They promise to make it more impactful, or more interesting, more engaging, more “on-brand.” Follow their formula and they’ll have you slicing and dicing with almost no effort, braising that pesky roast in half the time, and if you call now, they’ll include a brand new carrot ionizer free of charge. But many of theses magic bullet-peddling Popeils fail to mention something drives us absolutely bonkers—the importance of etiquette... Read The Rest →

Humblebrag -> Humblebroke

noggBLOG permalink If you inherit a bunch of valuable jewelry, it’s probably best to keep your mouth shut. Not only will bragging about it will make you seem like a real jerk and people won’t want to listen to you, a big jerk, go on about how fortunate you are—and let’s be honest, the only reason why you’re even bringing it up is so people will listen to you—but the one person who is actually listening is likely the one person you wish wasn’t. Or so is the case for... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #40: Jay-Z’s Magna Carte Blanche

noggBLOG permalink This is a list of facts. Jay-Z has: 17 Grammys $500 Million net worth 14 Studio Albums 14 Platinum Albums Jay-Z also has a contract with Samsung that guarantees on the day his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, is released it will already be certified Platinum. Share → Tweet

Communication Breakdown #38: Ripe On The Vine

noggBLOG permalink While the app world is growing faster than the common man could ever hope to keep with, a few apps manage to get so much buzz they separate themselves form the herd, sometimes becoming a singular phenomenon. Instagram. Snapchat. Words With Friends. Shazam. Vine. Vine? Vine. Share → Tweet

Blow Me

Times is tough. We’ve all heard them say it. The newscasters, financial advisors, teachers, parents, the internet start-up guy who bags your groceries, they all seem to be saying the same thing. We should be grateful for the work we can get, and do it with verve, lest we lose it. But if it sucks and you hate it and you would rather do nothing and suffer a future of innumerable Ramen cups instead, which I think many of us would, then why not quit with verve, too? So look... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #19: A New Kind of Internet Launch

noggBLOG permalink It’s no secret that Americans and Canadians are very different. Canadians talk funny. They socialize medicine. They put gravy on their French fries and call it “poutine”. Terrifying, but these differences pale in comparison to the way one Ottawa woman is choosing to use Facebook. Share → Tweet

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