Communication Breakdown #39: Old-Fashioned

noggBLOG permalink Don’t you hate that you can’t call someone with your eyeballs, or that your sweet tattoo doesn’t vibrate when you get a text and instead just sits there like a hideous bump on a fat, pasty log? Are you furious that you can’t spray your t-shirt on and have to pull it over your head like a loser? Absolutely fed up with cleaning your stupid non-self-cleaning clothes? Or perhaps you’re no longer interested in playing a video game if you can’t feel like you’re actually being shot in real... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #38: Ripe On The Vine

noggBLOG permalink While the app world is growing faster than the common man could ever hope to keep with, a few apps manage to get so much buzz they separate themselves form the herd, sometimes becoming a singular phenomenon. Instagram. Snapchat. Words With Friends. Shazam. Vine. Vine? Vine. Share → Tweet

A Hair Out Of Place

noggBLOG permalink Next time you find some weird hair in the bathroom at the airport, examine it closely. Gillette, the popular men’s shaving and facial care brand, have taken pervasive advertising to a new low, so low in fact you’ll have to bend, squint and fight back the geebees just to see it. With the help of super-smart science types, they’ve etched specifically designed ads, the smallest in history, onto several segments of human hair. The ads, less than 100 microns in length (or .003937 inches) are carved into each... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #18: Electrotelekinesis?

noggBLOG permalink I know. I’m thinking the exact same thing. Life is not a corny TV show about a genie or an old Hanna-Barbera cartoon.  How in the world can people possibly move things with their minds? I don’t know exactly, but, holy Christ on a cracker, apparently they can. Most of us have heard about Google’s self-driving cars (click here to take a ride). Most of us have also heard about Google’s self-driving cars getting into accidents, like, all the time and generally being total P’s O’ malfunctioning S.... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #17: Changing The World One Case Of Red Bull and One Rush Mixtape At A Time

noggBLOG permalink Most of us, whether technologically inclined or not, have never hacked anything, save maybe a loogie. We’ve heard about it, seen it in the movies, maybe even been the victim of it, but it remains a very foreign concept to the world at large. That doesn’t stop the dedicated “in-crowd” hackers and code-slingers from flocking in very smelly droves to the democratic, group coding events known as hackathons. Share → Tweet

Communication Breakdown #13: I Know What You Did Last Summer…How Was Florida?

noggBLOG permalink I see you, Paul Johnson, standing with your friends, drinking your apple-tini and looking at me like you have no idea who I am. I’ve seen you here a million times before. Why don’t you recognize me? Why don’t you know me? Why don’t you LOVE ME? “Paul!” Your name is Paul Johnson. You’re at your bar of choice enjoying a refreshing, fruity cocktail beverage and having the most delightful conversation about the merits of the local sports team. You notice a girl across the room is also... Read The Rest →

Augmented Reality Finds A Practical Purpose: Shopping

noggBLOG permalink As if we needed another excuse to spend countless shameful hours internet shopping in our pajamas. Digital agency Zugara created the Fashionista application (which is currently being used at to allow customers an internet shopping experience comparable to a (non-virtual) reality shopping experience. By blending elements of Augmented Reality, Motion Capture, and Social Media, the application allows users to hold an article of clothing up to their chest and ask their facebook friends “what do you think?”. We haven’t tried it yet, but it promises to be... Read The Rest →

Hunt For Your Dinner Cyborg Style

noggBLOG permalink The Augmented Reality trend keeps on chug’n. The latest incarnation: the Layar iPhone app. Ever find yourself on a strange block, looking for a strange restaurant which is supposed to serve the most amazing Wagyu beef, and it should be right there, literally right there, but it just isn’t? Enter Layar. Get your iPhone in camera mode, hold it up to the general area you believe the Wagyu to be hiding, and voila! A giant dot appears revealing that it is in fact not right there, but right... Read The Rest →

Print 2.0

noggBLOG permalink There seems to be a general consensus that the magazine needs to be updated, but so far no one can agree on the best way to do so. The industry’s desperation to create something new has them grappling with empty buzzwords and ill-fitting digital media plans providing the public with a thousand different cumbersome versions of the same thing- a magazine (only worse). Most of the publishing industry’s efforts to embrace the digital medium have resulted in a reinvention of the wheel at best which makes it difficult to... Read The Rest →