Social Media Etiquette: The Gospel According to nogginwerks

noggBLOG permalink There are plenty of resources on and off the web that promise to help improve your social media presence. They promise to make it more impactful, or more interesting, more engaging, more “on-brand.” Follow their formula and they’ll have you slicing and dicing with almost no effort, braising that pesky roast in half the time, and if you call now, they’ll include a brand new carrot ionizer free of charge. But many of theses magic bullet-peddling Popeils fail to mention something drives us absolutely bonkers—the importance of etiquette... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #46: Books & Crannies

noggBLOG permalink A good book not only entertains us, it gives us an escape. We can drift away from life for a spell and forget about our troubles, immersing ourselves in those of the character, or the arc of the narrative, or the world of the story. But a really good book does more than just offer escape, it abducts us, and we willfully comply, leaving our entire lives and identities behind for the opportunity live within it for a few hundred more pages. That is why we love books.... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #40: Jay-Z’s Magna Carte Blanche

noggBLOG permalink This is a list of facts. Jay-Z has: 17 Grammys $500 Million net worth 14 Studio Albums 14 Platinum Albums Jay-Z also has a contract with Samsung that guarantees on the day his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, is released it will already be certified Platinum. Share → Tweet

Communication Breakdown #39: Old-Fashioned

noggBLOG permalink Don’t you hate that you can’t call someone with your eyeballs, or that your sweet tattoo doesn’t vibrate when you get a text and instead just sits there like a hideous bump on a fat, pasty log? Are you furious that you can’t spray your t-shirt on and have to pull it over your head like a loser? Absolutely fed up with cleaning your stupid non-self-cleaning clothes? Or perhaps you’re no longer interested in playing a video game if you can’t feel like you’re actually being shot in real... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #38: Ripe On The Vine

noggBLOG permalink While the app world is growing faster than the common man could ever hope to keep with, a few apps manage to get so much buzz they separate themselves form the herd, sometimes becoming a singular phenomenon. Instagram. Snapchat. Words With Friends. Shazam. Vine. Vine? Vine. Share → Tweet

Communication Breakdown #37: F*CK YEAH, GOLF!

noggBLOG permalink Many wondered about the future of golf and its popularity after the infamous downfall of golden child, Tiger Woods, who was caught engaging in promiscuous extra marital activity in the fall of 2009. While what I’d like to call MourningWoodgate left the golf community like a deer in its 3” headlights, the 3-year stasis has suddenly and without warning been all but transformed into a surge of energy, excitement and innovation. And it’s all because of the Internet. This is how the world came to say: Share →... Read The Rest →

Communication Breakdown #36: iQTunes

noggBLOG permalink There is a feeling when our courses meet perpendicularly with exactly what we want. Everyone has those moments, those intersections. For instance, you stop to wonder when they are going to call, and they do, or you hope your package arrives today, and there is the UPS man at the door. The same phenomenon can happen with our mood, when for whatever reason you are tuned just so that there are perhaps only a handful of variations in ambiance that suit you. You turn on this light, turn... Read The Rest →

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