Communication Breakdown #6: The Social Networking Cheat Sheet Edition

noggBLOG permalink If you’re at all like the rest of us, except for me because it’s my job, then keeping up with new social networking tools is like middle school all over again. You’re trying to be cool and know what’s cool before everyone else knows that you don’t know what’s cool when no one actually knows what’s cool until something is mysteriously and ubiquitously declared “cool” and by the time you find out nobody cares because now it’s not cool anymore. Phew. Anyhow, I’m here to help. I’ve dedicated... Read The Rest →

Weekly Web Roundup: Story Time

noggBLOG link Maybe it’s the anticipation of bonfires to come or the all-hours NPR begathons, but there’s something about those first crisp autumn days that always puts us in the mood for a good story. So, this week instead of focusing strictly on the websites we love, we’re going bring you some of our favorite sources of story, be they podcast, web mag, or blog. WRITERS READING WRITERS The concept for The New Yorker Fiction podcast was clearly the wet dream of a very bookish individual- namely Deborah Treisman, The... Read The Rest →

Weekly Web Roundup: Fashion Week-y

noggBLOG link Fashion Week continues in New York and as tempting as it is to dump a fresh batch of fashion geek blogs in your laps we realize that not everyone gets off an them as much as we do. So, we’ve decided to exercise a little restraint and mix it up a bit. This week is more about inspiration, fashionable people, and all around beautiful things. CREATIVES IN THEIR NATURAL HABITAT The Selby is a website for creative people, about creative people, and by creative people. Todd Selby photographs... Read The Rest →

Weekly Web Roundup: Fashion Week

noggBLOG link For your viewing and time-killing pleasure we would like to begin a new tradition of starting your week off with a few sparkly gems mined from the great internet abyss. This week being (eek!) Fashion Week, we thought it appropriate to arm you with some funky fashion know-how (it’s never enough just to walk the walk, dahling). THE ART CROWD’S FASHION BIBLE Every fashion fan has heard of and spent countless hours clicking through their photos of all the beautiful polished people. It’s an invaluable fashion source,... Read The Rest →