Ed Stilley, God and Guitars

Guitars are a thing of measurement and precision. Intonation, tone, expressiveness, color: the artisan strives to craft each instrument to have the best of these nebulous, yet integral qualities. Many luthiers (guitar builders) spend their entire lives learning centuries-old techniques in order to craft the perfect body, perfect neck, every detail of the perfect instrument. Ed Stilley is a luthier. But unlike most luthiers, Ed Stilley never learned the techniques that go into making a guitar. In fact, Ed Stilley doesn’t know the first thing about the tradition, but that doesn’t stop him. Share... Read The Rest →

Remembering Ringo

No, Ringo is not dead, but the truth about him has remained lifeless and buried for decades. And that truth is… Ringo was a great drummer. Share → Tweet

Pre-Flight Entertainment

noggBLOG permalink There are few things worse than being stuck in an airplane on that terrible tarmac. The universal groan when the Captain announces that you’re being held, the restless legs, the inevitable temperature rise as body heat accumulates in that little tube and they can’t turn on the AC because you’re gasoline level has been pre-measured to the point of torturous efficiency, the hours that seems to tick by at their own luxurious pace, and the smells, oh God, the smells. Share → Tweet

Epic Rap Battles of History

noggBLOG permalink For centuries, history’s greatest luminaries have faced off, head to head, over beats both dope and fresh to solidify, once and for all, who indeed is the greater of the rhyme-spitters. Wait…. No. Share → Tweet

Why Chief Keef Is Someone You Should Know and Forget About Immediately

noggBLOG permalink Born Keith Cozart, Chief Keef is a “trap” music rapper from Chicago, Illinois. For those who don’t know, trap music is typified by deep bass, rhythmically divided hi-hats, and overall grimy production coupled with equally grimy and harsh lyrics often about hard-knock urban life. Pioneered by brilliant Southern innovators like Outkast, Goodie Mob, and Three 6 Mafia, trap has since devolved into the incredibly repetitive, mind-numbing ooze for which Chief Keef is famous. So why should you care at all? Because Chief Keef is one of the most... Read The Rest →

The Redheaded Stranger

noggBLOG permalink Rock star hair. It’s as famous as the rock stars themselves. Sometimes it’s dirty. Sometimes it’s clean. Sometimes it’s big, and sometimes it’s barely there. Sometimes it’s just straight up weird. Any way it’s served up, it’s an iconic, self-reflexive hint into the man or woman behind the myth. The truth behind Willie Nelson’s braids no one can really say, but they are no less beloved and for a mere trifle you can own (arguably) the most infamous hairstyle in country music. Share → Tweet

The Bone Music of Soviet Russia

noggBLOG permalink “You’d have Elvis on the lungs, Duke Ellington on Aunt Masha’s brain scan” Anna von Bremzen on the ‘Bone Music’ of Soviet Russia In the 1950s, vinyl LPs were scarce. They were an expensive luxury, bulky and fragile, and necessitated so many parts in addition to the discs themselves just to be able to play them. Rock-and-roll legend says that when Keith Richards first met Mick Jagger, Jagger was standing on a train platform, holding three Chuck Berry records. Not only did this Jagger kid like Chuck Berry... Read The Rest →

Spotify Me 20 Grand

noggBLOG permalink It’s no secret that Spotify’s payouts are absurdly low. Bands get literally a fraction of a cent every time someone streams one of their songs, and even if an artist is lucky to get a million plays that still only amounts to a few thousand dollars. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Digital sales as a whole are in decline. CD sales are in decline. The only music media with growing sales is vinyl, and the market is so small it hardly makes a dent.... Read The Rest →

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