Life in True Color

noggBLOG permalink Colorblindness affects approximately one in twelve men and one in two hundred women the world over. For the many without colorblindness, and those who haven’t known anyone with the disorder, it may be difficult to imagine what it might be like. Share → Tweet

Social Media Etiquette: The Gospel According to nogginwerks

noggBLOG permalink There are plenty of resources on and off the web that promise to help improve your social media presence. They promise to make it more impactful, or more interesting, more engaging, more “on-brand.” Follow their formula and they’ll have you slicing and dicing with almost no effort, braising that pesky roast in half the time, and if you call now, they’ll include a brand new carrot ionizer free of charge. But many of theses magic bullet-peddling Popeils fail to mention something drives us absolutely bonkers—the importance of etiquette... Read The Rest →

D Free: The #1 Way to Schedule Your #2’s

noggBLOG permalink Have you ever thought to yourself, “I might need to poop right now and not even know it?” The terror, the anticipation, the need for answers—it’s real. Well, whether you just don’t know, don’t know yet, or don’t know until it’s too late, Triple W, a very peculiar company we’ll talk more about later, has invented a way to take the numbers game out of your 1’s and 2’s. It’s called D Free. Share → Tweet

Google Street View Moves Off the Beaten Path

noggBLOG permalink Inch by inch, Google is mapping the entire world with its Street View program, taking its cameras off of the basic Prius and into the wild. The cameras have been ushered all over the world by boats, trikes, and even camels and submarines. Now, researchers at the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, in partnership with Google’s Street View camera loan program, are taking you into—and over—the Amazon rainforest with ziplines. Share → Tweet

Humblebrag -> Humblebroke

noggBLOG permalink If you inherit a bunch of valuable jewelry, it’s probably best to keep your mouth shut. Not only will bragging about it will make you seem like a real jerk and people won’t want to listen to you, a big jerk, go on about how fortunate you are—and let’s be honest, the only reason why you’re even bringing it up is so people will listen to you—but the one person who is actually listening is likely the one person you wish wasn’t. Or so is the case for... Read The Rest →

Uber-ly Inconsistent

noggBLOG permalink Ride sharing start-up Uber has been in the hot seat for some time. A string of controversies has pulled the media’s spyglass directly overhead the burgeoning, potentially-taxi-eclipsing company, and they’re feeling the heat. With everything from bogus fees, rate multipliers, un-vetted drivers, trying to sabotage rival Lyft, and numerous personal safety incidents (including, uhhh, rape), Uber’s doing everything they can to distract from their increasingly poor public standing. And what better way to do that than with kitties! Share → Tweet

Scoot Smart

noggBLOG permalink What are you doing with that Vespa? You look so stupid! I bet that thing even uses, like, gas or something? Get smart. Scoot smart. Share → Tweet

Awkward Teen Copes with Puberty, Saves Planet

noggBLOG permalink Pubescent teenagers are like batteries: lick one and you’re going to have a bad time. And like batteries, they’re energetic, full of potential, and constantly seeking a connection. Ok, batteries can’t seek a connection, and for teenagers that connection is sex, so I guess they’re not all that much alike, but it was close enough that the analogy worked for a minute. Share → Tweet

The Verrado: A Trike for Grownups

noggBLOG permalink Those were the days, pedaling around the playground, skidding and sliding, just grinning from ear to ear, knowing that I’m 40 and I have so much money that I just don’t give a shit. Yes, such is the life for the modern tricyclists, the select set of success stories rich and. . . indiscriminating enough to own The Verrado. Designed for people who have so much money they never have to grow up, the Verrado trike is a motorized drift trike for adults. Share → Tweet

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