Epic Rap Battles of History

noggBLOG permalink For centuries, history’s greatest luminaries have faced off, head to head, over beats both dope and fresh to solidify, once and for all, who indeed is the greater of the rhyme-spitters. Wait…. No. Share → Tweet

Old School Cool

noggBLOG permalink The cool ones. They are immortal. Steve McQueen and his Persols. Brando and his Schott Perfecto. Teddy Roosevelt and that hat. We’ve spent a good bit of time here talking about some pretty iconic images from our country’s past, but what about the unsung icons? Icons of their neighborhood, their specific train line, their club? What about the people you see immortalized only in a single photograph or video, captured at their utmost cool, for all time. For those people, there’s /r/OldSchoolCool. Share → Tweet

Communication Breakdown #38: Ripe On The Vine

noggBLOG permalink While the app world is growing faster than the common man could ever hope to keep with, a few apps manage to get so much buzz they separate themselves form the herd, sometimes becoming a singular phenomenon. Instagram. Snapchat. Words With Friends. Shazam. Vine. Vine? Vine. Share → Tweet

“It just doesn’t get any better than this!”

From the man who brought you such exclamations as “he’s glorious!” and “by the beard of Zeus!”, comes a new one to add to your repertoire of quotes to impress girls with at parties: “It just doesn’t get any better than this!”. Will Ferrell has been hard at work promoting Old Milwaukee, the more successful, less bald brother of Milwaukee’s Best, writing, shooting and airing the ads entirely in specific, local markets on his own dime. Ferrell has visited Davenport, IA., Terre Haute, IN., and most recently Milwaukee, WI., where... Read The Rest →

Shut Up, Weirdo. Get Outta My Driveway.

noggBLOG permalink Writers can’t afford to be lazy, so, of course, they are, which is why most of them would fork up all of their parents’ hard earned cash for something like this. Unfortunately there are some things you just can’t get on Amazon, but you can get Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite 11, a new collection of digital visual effects plug-ins used in the making of “Plot Device”. Maybe with a little help, lazy artists in love with tragedy can suck it up and stop making tragically afwul art.... Read The Rest →

She Remembers The Alamo

noggBLOG permalink Fact: Don’t mess with Texas. Other fact: This woman clearly messed with Texas. And what happened? Texas messed back. Brava- I mean, darn tootin’, Alamo Drafthouse! Share → Tweet

Branded Entertainment: Cool Until It’s Not

noggBLOG permalink This “branded entertainment” thing is a slippery slope. One day you’re the toast of the town for your innovative use of media, but one false move and suddenly your product placement seems heavy-handed, your brand has become the salient message and everyone is sick of hearing your name. Ho hum, it’s just like the day you looked around the playground to discover you’re the only one still wearing platform jellies and now it’s all about light-up sneakers. Perhaps the trick is not to advertise your interests with such exuberance,... Read The Rest →

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