The Hyperreality of Hogeweyk

noggBLOG permalink Tucked away in the small Dutch town of Weesp is Hogeweyk, a village of 152 residents. It is a village much like any other. There are 23 houses, several promenades, squares, parks and supermarkets, all the simple hallmarks of a quaint country town. A postman delivers the mail, the gardener cuts the grasses, neighbors smile to each other, and the sun casts its shadow as it rises and falls just as it does everywhere else in the world. What sets Hogeweyk apart is incredibly difficult to see, but only... Read The Rest →

The Bizarre World of the Codex Seraphinianus

noggBLOG permalink  Many an ancient tome resides buried somewhere deep in a catacomb in Italy. Remnants of empires, scholars, ages of knowledge, discovery and wisdom, these fragments of humanity and higher learning dot Italy like stars, creating a constellational map of enlightenment and evolution. The Codex Seraphinianus is not one such tome.

A Mounting Problem on Everest

noggBLOG permalink Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, is now more deadly than ever, but not for any of the reasons you might guess.

D Free: The #1 Way to Schedule Your #2’s

noggBLOG permalink Have you ever thought to yourself, “I might need to poop right now and not even know it?” The terror, the anticipation, the need for answers—it’s real. Well, whether you just don’t know, don’t know yet, or don’t know until it’s too late, Triple W, a very peculiar company we’ll talk more about later, has invented a way to take the numbers game out of your 1’s and 2’s. It’s called D Free.

Google Street View Moves Off the Beaten Path

noggBLOG permalink Inch by inch, Google is mapping the entire world with its Street View program, taking its cameras off of the basic Prius and into the wild. The cameras have been ushered all over the world by boats, trikes, and even camels and submarines. Now, researchers at the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation, in partnership with Google’s Street View camera loan program, are taking you into—and over—the Amazon rainforest with ziplines.

Humblebrag -> Humblebroke

noggBLOG permalink If you inherit a bunch of valuable jewelry, it’s probably best to keep your mouth shut. Not only will bragging about it will make you seem like a real jerk and people won’t want to listen to you, a big jerk, go on about how fortunate you are—and let’s be honest, the only reason why you’re even bringing it up is so people will listen to you—but the one person who is actually listening is likely the one person you wish wasn’t. Or so is the case for... Read The Rest →


noggBLOG permalink There’s nothing like breakfast in bed. Toast, juice, coffee, fresh fruit, muesli, lingonberry pancakes, aquavit, meatballs, fermented shark, red-colored candy fish, all for you to enjoy as you’re nestled cozily in the top of a tree, but you have to make it yourself because there’s no one for miles around, and did I mention you’re stuck in a tree? Ok, so there’s nothing like that breakfast in bed, unless you’re the privileged guest of Sweden’s amazing Treehotel.

Fart In a Jar

noggBLOG permalink What’s filled with hot gas, travels the globe, and is not a hot air balloon? A fart in a jar. Started by Roy Stanton, who once worked in the video game industry, Fart In a Jar was perhaps the shittiest Kickstarter of all time. Roy hoped to raise $10,000 by March 7th of last year. How? By selling farts. For $9, you could buy a fart in a jar from anywhere on the planet. Well, almost anywhere. Why? God knows why. But he failed, spectacularly, raising only $134.

Home Is Where the Home Is

noggBLOG permalink It’s one thing if you’re drunk and you can’t seem to find your car. It’s one thing if you’re new to the area and you can seem to find your way home. It’s another to arrive at your part‐time home of many years for a little vay­cay, find out it’s just not there anymore, and not because it was repossessed or condemned, but because it was stolen, the whole thing, completely, ripped right out of the ground. Gone.

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